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Baby Gyr- Saker tiercel just in from New York, having his first meal at Casa Querencia.

Stephen Grant of London Best quality hammer side- lever 12- bore, circa 1880, virtually new and unrestored. It weighs a bit over 7 lbs and is probably a pigeon gun. To quote expert Robert Braden: “After all, it is reliably reputed that God shoots a Grant sidelever hammer gun with thirty- inch Damascus barrels made around 1890.” (Not a Purdey, you note!)

I MADE money on this– traded one off I didn’t want.

More coming…

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  1. 2 3/4″– which MAY be original as it is heavy (7 lbs 4 oz) and is probably a pigeon gun– thick barrel walls (NO pitting), wide frame. Still balances very nicely despite weight!

    When I get 50 bucks I can find out the original details from Atkin Grant and Lang– who will still make you one just like it minus the Damascus.

  2. jtcpSteve:

    Congratulations on the new bird and the Grant.

    Grant sidelevers are truly elegant, and the hammer guns are probably the finest of Grants – in the same class as an island lock Purdey – only a lot prettier. AFAIK, 2-3/4″ chambers on an early Brit gun indicate a fowler or a pigeon gun – full stop. This gun was not built for fowling, I am sure.

    The only gun that equals a Grant sidelever in elegance is a Dickson round action. I have no plans to sell or trade mine!

  3. Steve: a beautiful new bird and a beautiful new gun! the Grants are lovely lovely guns, indeed. and frankly, why pay for a new one when the old ones can still be found in good condition.

    I’d agree with Mike on this being a pigeon gun. what’s the barrel length, BTW?



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