Superior Scribblers

The Atomic Nerds have given us a Superior Scribbler award. We are touched and honored. LabRat said of us, in part:

“A fascinating variety of experience, and if they have a common thread it’s rampant individualism and a curiosity in and respect for nature and those who live with it, as opposed to those who mostly experience it through the Discovery Channel…. I’ve found more worlds whose existence I had never suspected through here than any other blog.”

Wow– I am blushing. Thanks, Nerds!

As a condition of the award, we must nominate five other blogs worthy of the honor. I am taking the liberty of nominating five myself– other staffers welcome to add.

At the risk of nepotism: Odious and Peculiar. Erudition and wit, mountaineering, opera, occasional cephalopods. Unique.

Chas Clifton’s Nature Blog— green without the PC.

Fretmarks. Perfect gems of essays, not just commentary, from Pluvialis, a poet, falconer, and historian of science at Cambridge University.

Diary of a Mad Natural Historian. From deepest New Hampshire, Dr Hypercube brings us poison arrow frogs, arcane technicana, and bird dogs, among other subjects, plus links to books I must have (is that doing me any favors??!)

Darren Naish’s Tetrapod Zoology, the best zoology and evo blog, period. Taxonomy and cladistics, technical posts on anatomy that might make you run for your dictionary, facts you never knew about familiar animals, seasoned with bits of cryptozoology. Darren knows more about more animals than anyone I know, including (well, maybe) Jonathan Kingdon. Indispensable.

I encourage my fellow Q bloggers to provide some more– I could have done ten!

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