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If you were a former dope smuggler, would you put it in your resume?

English Russia has a fabulous Soviet anti – drug poster. Personally I doubt I could have survived in the Soviet Union without drugs and vodka. And what’s with the smoking CAT?

Great line plus the immortal Stonecutter’s song. HT David Zincavage at Never Yet Melted.

Say it ain’t so! Via the Nerds: Val Kilmer plans to run for governor of New Mexico. I’d laugh, but consider Al Franken…

A sleeping bag in the shape of a bear? As Cat said, “Sometimes when you’re drinking, you think you’ve got a good idea … but your supposed to forget it by the next day, right?” Or as Matt responded, “The human desire to be eaten alive???.

An anecdote. When I was in college one of my profs gave a lecture on the literature of the frontier. He asked a student why settlers had such a fear (I’d call it rational) of big carnivores. The student went on endlessly and very literarily about their fear of non- existence, the void, of vanishing without a trace. The prof looked at him deadpan and said: “No shit?”

2 thoughts on “Random weirdness links”

  1. “consider Al Franken”

    [shudders in abject horror…]

    The idea of facing wild wolves or bears alone on a hike (been there, done that) is a lot less scary than having to worry that that gibbering egomaniac could end up being “my” senator.

  2. The last bit reminds me of one of my father’s favorite jokes.

    A rancher’s hard-working kid from Wyoming applies to Harvard at the end of his senior year of high school, and lo and behold gets accepted. He immediately accepts and arranges a trip to the campus that summer.

    Upon arriving he’s amazed at just how big the campus is, and he can’t find anything he’s looking for. Not being too proud to ask for directions, he asks a student
    “Excuse me, can you tell me where Harvard Yard is at?”
    The student looks him up and down with disdain and responds
    “Here at Harvard we do not end our sentences with prepositions.”
    The kid from Wyoming considers this and say
    “Alright, let me try that again. Excuse me, can you tell me where Harvard Yard is at, asshole?”


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