Vaguely Biological Links

An “extinct” bird is rediscovered– and eaten.

Apparently black north American wolves owe their color to interbreeding with dogs that crossed the Bering bridge HT Laura Niven and Reid.

SmartDogs sent a link to a new method of detecting rabies. It sounded good, but Patrick found reason to dispute their claims.

Also at Terrierman: a to the devastating article at Dog World about the evils of inbreeding pedigreed dogs.

Not exactly biology but birds: apparently, poor Pakistani peasants resent the rich oil Sheiks who come to their country to hunt houbara buzzards with falcons. (They are not allowed to hunt them at all.) Ya think? This one also reminds me of a book, a novel with spies, an Al Quaida- type group, migrating houbaras and a falcon. It may not be very much ahead of reality.

Finally, light detecting backpacks are revealing the secrets of songbird migration.

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  1. The link works! I love Howard Waldrop’s stories and don’t know why he isn’t better known.

    And the relict head of the dodo at the Oxford museum looks JUST like a giant naked baby squab– neotony?


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