The Revolution circa 2010

Whether you’re a neighborhood secessionist masquerading as a home gardener—or the reverse—it’s likely you’ve started this year’s troop review.  Three cheers to the Revolution!
This year we have a new recruit, an eight-foot bed made this weekend that is slowly transforming the kids’ playground to dual use.  This fall some pole beans will be growing up the trellis, but on advice for summer I’ve planted patio tomatoes and a few eggplant. 
On the other side of swing set, the pole beans planted in spring are up and producing well.
Across the yard: tomatoes, oregano, hot and sweet peppers and some basil.
And in the back with the compost bins and shade cloth, French sorrel, cilantro and parsley.
Revolutionary Manifesto: Try the new Wendell Berry essay collection, “Bringing It to the Table: On Farming and Food,” with introduction by Micheal Pollan.

3 thoughts on “The Revolution circa 2010”

  1. Thanks! Have enough material left over for another bed this weekend. Have go-ahead from Revolutionary Wife to convert the whole yard to food production if I want to. 🙂

  2. Looks like everything is well under way and thriving! We're having a tough garden year for no apparent reason. Still much too early for veg, but the plants aren't really growing like we expect.


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