Another Letter

Stuff keeps falling out as I reread old books. Angus Cameron, author of the LL Bean Game & Fish Cookbook and Jack O’Connor’s editor at (ahem) Knopf, sent me a copy of this exchange over The New Yorker review of O’Connor’s… The Rifle Book! Click to enlarge:

Jack also got an obit in the NYT. It was a better time– and if you don’t think so look at the Atlantic fiasco below…

3 thoughts on “Another Letter”

  1. L.L. Bean cookbook is simply a must have.Someone gave it a rave review in Shooting Sportsman…and I've bought several for gifts over the years. Thanks. Tom Condon

  2. The L.L. Bean Cookbook is one of the first cookbooks I bought, when first married, back in 72. I got it from the Outdoor Life Book Club. I still refer to it for camping and BBQ meals and their camping spice list is indispensable. It's how we stocked our first kitchen.

    I miss that book club and the authors long past.

    Johnny W.


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