A Historic Gun?

A Savage Model 99, for its forward- looking elegance and efficiency perhaps my all time favorite American rifle design (and Roy Chapman Andrews, the model for Indiana Jones, took one to the Gobi when he discovered the Flaming Cliffs fossil beds and the first Dino eggs!)

This one is a take- down model in the old but useful .300 Savage caliber, and apparently has an illustrious history, at least locally, which I am researching. Hint: I have ordered a copy of Slash Ranch Hounds…

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8 thoughts on “A Historic Gun?”

  1. Whaaaa? You ordered "Slash Ranch Hounds" BEFORE Edward Briggs "Hounds In The Hills"?? Well, perhaps that is best, as after Brigg's book, all other houndsmen books seem mediocre in comparison…..L.B.

  2. Them boys wuz RUFF on thar guns and ekwipmint, frum whut I've red, so yoo likely got yoo a dud there, son…..oh, you were thinking of HISTORICAL value??!! I have a copy of "Slash Ranch Hounds" of course–never paid much attention to the photos with firesticks–I was always focused more on the dogs! But then because of my focus, I'm always going to be one of those people destined to bring a knife to a gunfight….L.B.

  3. Don't worry– I know enough about guns that I don't even bring one home if it is a mere wall- hanger (which I nether want nor can afford); Ron, with whom I have credit, and I had it apart at the store.

    The beauty of good designs (one reason I have wanted a good 99) and dry climates is that they preserve firearms well, and they were MEANT to be used. Good design is especially important; 3 of my 4 rifles, all of my shotguns, one of my handguns, and my air rifle are over 50 years old, most over 60.

    You are making me write my "second" post on this in notes (;-)

  4. Hey Steve,

    I grew up hunting Whitetails with my dad's 300 Savage back in WV. Probably one of the best all round deer rifles. The only thing I don't like is the safety. It can accidentally be switched to fire very easily when being carried with a sling.


  5. Here is another blog post of an interesting family heirloom Model 99. The blog has not been active of late, but I still find the piece on the riffle interesting and have saved it.


    Way back when I couldn't make up my mind to get a 99 or an 88 and went with the 88. I'm still lusting for the 99. Nice find. JW


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