Where I come from…

My sister Karen just sent this irresistible map of Massachusetts (as always click to embiggen):

I wrote back: “…outside of Boston proper I have lived in Pilgrims, Republicans, and on the border of Hippies & Trees. Hmmm…”

Of course, I was born in “Murders & Stuff”, and the Bodios’ New World roots, so to speak, are in the abandoned, flooded granite quarries of East Insignificant (“Lotsa dead Bodios under that water” said one ancient to me in about 1956, giving me a week of bad dreams). And McCabes come from northeast of Witches…

2 thoughts on “Where I come from…”

  1. Wow – this is awesome! In a previous career, I used to make frequent visits to our company's plant that was on the coast of Pretentious People about midway between Airplanes and Witches. Evenings we used to take the T down to Baseball to watch the Sox.

    When I first started with the company, we also had a plant out in Who Cares? and I made a couple trips out there. Later we sold it to Lockheed Martin.


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