Photo Teasers

Still busy with work & scholarship and fun, not that these are necessarily incompatible or exclusive. A few hints– click to embiggen as always (the details are illuminating).

I went into my library to find an accidental still life of several emerging subjects:

And here are some artifacts pointing to the fascinating intersection of Fabre, entomology, traditional Provencal culture and po- mo Japanese popular art…

8 thoughts on “Photo Teasers”

  1. That BAT would be in grave danger were I around–it looks like a chocolate bat! Don't laugh; I've seen a frikkin' chocolate BILBY, believe it or not! A friend(?) once gave me a chocolate triceratops, and then laughed maniacally while I spit the piece I bit off all over the room–it WAS NOT actually chocolate! But a bar of brown SOAP carved and shaped like a triceratops!….L.B.

  2. Hey, that triceratops bar of soap didn't do my teeth any good either, nor did it taste very good! But it also did not survive the incident, as I bit it's head off, which is normal operating procedure for me with chocolate bunnies, as well…..L.B.

  3. His no 2 was the final justification for mine– in part it was the only Holland patent gun I could afford that someone I knew put 80,000 shells through without a blip…

    Cowans are in my bigger circle– good friends of Sy Montgomery. That dear vegetarian friend killed a quail with a hawk under Nancy's tutelage, and wrote about it un- squeamishly in Birdology…


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