Spring Puppies?

Larissa and Tavi are dancing for joy and have made (at least one) tie.

But as they say, wait, there’s more! If Lane has indeed bred her fine taigans, Rustam and Ooly, we are about to have the first of this more exotic variation too. Can’t wait– I am sure they will be the first working taigans in the SW or even in the states. Tell us the news!
Top two of Ooly; Rustam at bottom withDaniela’s Shunkar, bred here; everybody in between– all hard running high desert hounds.

UPDATE: Lane’s taigan litter is scheduled for next year and depends on somedemand. And Dr John has bred “our” Tigger– only living brindle Lashyn daughter, below– to tanpoint Saudi Prince. Both are serious coursing dogs. I know of no other details yet but will. Please contact me if you have a serious interest.

2 thoughts on “Spring Puppies?”

  1. Hello Stephen, my name is Pamela Spink.
    I am wondering how I go about getting more information on this potential Taigan litter? I have a very strong interest in these dogs and would love to talk to somebody about getting one.
    I'd have sent you an e-mail but I do not know what it is.
    My e-mail is: Losech@gmaill.com
    I look forwards to hearing from you.

  2. Pamela: I have been trying to email but it is not going through. These litters have not been bred, but there will be more. Try emailing me at "ebodio at gilanet dot com" (must write it that way in my comment box!)


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