7 thoughts on “George Jones: 1933- 2013”

  1. wow, where did you xcavate that "stranger than strange" combo of three musketeers? i'll spend the next week pondering how andy warhol can get in a mix with "the voice" of country music and the great tom russell (who enjoys himself at the rhythm room here in phoenix, once a year) geo jones is another link to the time of 2 honky tonk giants, hank (the first) and new mexico's lefty frizell!

  2. To Anonymous: a version of that photo was in one of Tom's OLD albums, prompting son Jackson to make the pre- Photoshop remark. Knowing it existed meant it was possible to search out an example on the Net.

    Tom's remark when we saw it last year was to the effect that (still drinking) George wasn't sure what city he was in, and Warhol was not (ever?) sure what planet he was on…

    Scottie, good & apropos quote.

  3. George might show up flyin' high, if George shows up at all
    But he may be, unconsciously, the greatest of them all
    From the Beatles and me in Nashville, to the billies and the Rolling Stones
    If we all sounded like we wanted to, we'd all sound like George Jones

    — Waylon Jennings, "It's Alright"

    Jim Cornelius

  4. Another one of the great ones gone.

    My favorite story about Jones was about the time his wife took his car keys away so he wouldn't drive drunk so George drove his riding lawn mower to the liquor store to restock.

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