Two of our beloved tazluki relatives got snakebit by what seems, judging from the fang marks to have been a large rattler, at Daniela’s. Incredibly, 15 year old Lahav got  the better of it, while grandog Shunkar seemed to have some eye involvment. Both better now– will pass on any news.

I don’t hate snakes but I hate snakes around dogs. Lahav above, Shunk below.

2 thoughts on “Snakebit!”

  1. Yeah, I have to move snakes every year–I keep a barrel handy just for that purpose. I move a lot of Copperheads here(N. C.), though they are rarely deadly to dogs; their bitten areas swell up horribly, but it usually doesn't even affect their appetites!–I have had a goat, a cat, and even a ferret survive copperhead bites! Although the ferret never was the same afterwards…..But the Timber Rattlers we have are another thing entirely–most of my dogs have sense enough to steer clear when one shows up–that rattling really seems to work! Except my Bluetick hound, who bays and fights and kills every snake he can–including the harmless ones I love to have around for rodent control. When I hear his very distinctive "snake bawl"(all my dogs have a distinctive "snake bark"; well, except for the Basenji!)), I must hurry to keep the snake alive, and him from getting bit–he almost got nailed by a rattler last year he was trying to kill. Of all the dogs I've had, the ones that showed the most snake sense were(not suprising I guess) my wolf hybrids, and my African Basenjis! Something to say there about preserving natural instincts….L. B.

  2. ….and whaddaya know–just moved my first venomous snake of the year from one of my dog compounds, and it was my tazi boyz that were acting leery about something that brought it to my attention! Good boyz! Acting properly cautious and avoiding the snake–a young Timber Rattlesnake, no less. Moved him to another(snake ideal) location far, far away……L.B.


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