Lashyn departs

My first Tazi, Lashyn, the “jealous girlfriend” from Kiev, died yesterday on the couch in  our living room where she bore two litters of pups.  She had battled diabetes and cataracts for two years, but could not win over cancer. The first, her last photo, was taken last week.

“…The last look in her fearless eye was trust.”

(from Tim Murphy)

Update: the comment by Chas below made me look, and Lashyn’s Journey is still up on the Naturalist site in Ukraine. As he says, it seems like yesterday.

23 thoughts on “Lashyn departs”

  1. So sorry to hear about your loss.

    A good dog that has spent his or her life busting the brush is a creature that has truly lived. Its ghost will always be looming somewhere in the psyche. It will always pop up whenever your crest a certain hill or see grouse shoot up from a certain thicket.

    Evolution created a predator that ran down big game, that warred between its clans. It lived hard and fast. But it is this creature with whom we formed our deepest bond. Evolution means that they must live hard and fast and that we must mature and brood for decades.

    But possessing this knowledge makes the pain not one bit easier. It is the loss of a being, a being that loved profoundly. And that you loved too.

  2. Hi Libby & Steve

    So sorry, I know Lashyn was such a special dog for you, remember the good runs, there will be more…..


  3. Neurotic and jealous though she was, Lash was always a favorite of mine, sweet, affectionate and devoted, as well as sharp and predatory. I'll miss her a great deal.

  4. Steve and Libby, I am so sorry. I was away and missed the post. Such a beautiful girl and I know how much she was loved. Vicki Hearne said, in "Oyez a Beaumont", "Another dog, same breed, right away." Just before admitting it was a decade before she could see her way through to a new pup. I wish you peace in knowing you did the best you could for her, as she did for you.

  5. It doesn't make it any easier when we know that their passing is imminent, or if they've been with us for a decade and some, or if we took their pain upon ourselves and eased their passing. It's not easy if it's sudden, nor easy if it's peaceful. It's just never easy. Nor should it be.

    Cheers to a good dog, and strength to you both as you grieve and reminisce.


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