10 thoughts on “Deep Brain”

  1. "'But we must not give up hope. Dr. Maturin is going to — going to do something prodigious clever with a saw…. something uncommon skillful, I dare say.'"

    See if you can talk them into patching you up with a three-shilling piece!

  2. How about I say a prayer AND raise a glass! (Wow, the new captcha thing is amazing…It asked me to identify images with salad. Seems unfair to folks with salad-free cultural backgrounds, like Pennsylvanians.)

  3. “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” … He enfolds us for love and he will never let us go.”.
    St Julian od of Norwich.
    June and I will be thinking of you, Libby and family . We are sure the Op will be successful. Modern Medical science e is amazing.


  4. I will be making medicine and sacrifices to any deities that care to help, for the success and recovery of this operation. And I will do MORE–as an incentive(as if staying alive isn't enough!) I WILL send an EXPENSIVE(for me–more than the usual one cent plus shipping from Amazon!) Blog Tithe to entertain you during your recovery. You WILL NOT get it if you DARE to stop breathing!(and writing!!!)….L.B.


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