“Great Unknown”?

John Muller’s fine piece on me in  NM magazine is out, graced by the photos of Hans Wachs, and soon to be online.  It is called “The Great Unknown”–  meaning me!– and uses this photo as a lead, which will have to do until I have a link.
is the link, thanks to David Zincavage and others.

4 thoughts on ““Great Unknown”?”

  1. Found the issue last night at the bookstore, all about you alright NS maybe the best profile Ive read in awhile, certainly about Magdalena, and you there. Well written and well considered I thought.

  2. Just read your profile and it was wonderful! Here you are living in NM and I never knew! Will definitely check out your work!

  3. Deb posted the link on Facebook and I just read and posted, as well. The writer did a wonderful job of capturing both you and Magdalena. It felt like I had stopped by to see you and Libby. I am glad you're getting recognized!


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