Apologies for my lack of posts recently

I apologize for my lack of new posts lately. I am still not completely recovered from not having my meds for ten days and our computers have been misbehaving: the keyboard on the MacBook refuses to type several letters, and the email on the iMac duplicates itself at the server end, sometimes more than 75 copies worth. This fills up our in-box very quickly. When I manually delete all of them, it repeats the duplication process. Gilanet, our provider, can’t figure it out. Has anyone else experienced this? Suggestions/possible solutions gratefully accepted.

Thank you all for your patience as I get straightened out — I’ll be back soon!

1 thought on “Apologies for my lack of posts recently”

  1. Hey Steve & Libby –
    Your email situation sounds rough. I wanted to be sure you had the chance to contribute to the Christmas newsletter, if you are willing. I know everyone would be happy to hear from you.
    I was hoping to get the thing to the printer by 12/9. If you would need longer than that, let me know and I’ll hold it for you.


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