Moa Guts?

Artist’s impression of Haast’s Eagle. Credit: Katrina Kenny

Bald Haast’s eagle feasted on moa guts

This new research supports the predator theory. Haast’s eagle talons were similar to those of today’s eagles, in particular Australia’s Wedge-tailed eagle, although they were much larger and more powerful. These similarities suggest that, like other eagles, Haast’s  used its talons to hunt.

They still come down on the side that it was a predator, however.

Most eagles hunt prey that is smaller than them, but Haast’s eagle was going after moa that could weigh up to 200 kg—more than 13 times their own body weight.

And a badass, at that.

They were a good size, too.

Steve’s post on big eagles. Haast’s is mentioned.

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