Isaac Asimov’s Foundation

The Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire

I saw this today and thought it was worthy of posting.

​I knew nothing of this series, or Asimov, other than being aware he is held in high esteem.  I saw a movie, or two, but I don’t think I read anything by him. It was eye opening to see the background in the article. The author seems to know a lot about it, and Asimov. I don’t have any thoughts on it but the series sounds interesting for the production values, at least. Maybe Steve has some deep thoughts?

I saw the Dune movie, a month ago, and I have been meaning to post about it but, as usual, time burns away. I had mixed feelings about it. It wasn’t as I expected. The story was very compressed and I had trouble following what was going on, despite having read the book many times. It did well showing the scale of the planets, worms, etc, but many characters were reduced to bit parts.

The Expanse

I saw this trailer Wed and I am mentioning it because it is one of the best Sci-Fi shows I have seen. I have seen the first 4 seasons. The first 3 were great but the 4th was a little dull. I read many of the books and the first was good. The latest seemed to be running on filler.

Live Die Repeat

I have been watching this, this week. While it doesn’t offer any grand visions, like Asimov’s work, it is a very well done Sci-Fi movie I think will become a classic in the action Sci-Fi sub genre.


Rendezvous With Rama.’ Morgan Freeman has been trying to get the movie made for decades. It looks like he scored big with Denis Villeneuve on board as the director. Given the success of  Villeneuve’s prior sci-fi flicks and the likely large budget it will get, it may be good. I remember the novel as much for its ambiguous ending as anything else. I am not sure why it is held in high esteem but one thing I saw suggested it was one of the first alien visitation stories and widely influential that way.

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  1. Actually I never cared much for Asimov, personally or as an SF writer.He actually wrote a nasty note to me when I wrote him at ten, ad later confirmed my impression by being rude to me at the Boskone years later.

    The Foundation novels were a grand conception, if still basically Space Opera, but curiously bloodless. I can only only mmagine such a theme done with the Conradian sense of tragedy of a Poul Anderson.

    Did you know that Osama bin Ladin was a huge fan of Foundation, and based Al Quaida’s organization on it?


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