What is in a name?

Gonolobus cthulhui

Is a crawling grass that lives in the subcaducifolio rainforest, south of the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. It was found during the review of herbarium material, as its characteristics did not match those of any known species. This discovery positions Oaxaca as the second state, after Chiapas, with more species of the genus Gonolobus (19 spp. ) and Mexico as a center of diversity with 44 registered species, half of the country endemic.
The epithet refers to Cthulhu, a primitive god described in Lovecraft’s horror story “The Call of Cthulhu.” The authors used this name to highlight the yet-unknown beings living on our planet.

  You likely didn’t see that coming. ​I didn’t. ​Come on guys​,​ why not just cut to the chase and name it after Satan. Naming a grass after Cthulhu somehow ​diminishes them both.​

New spider genus named after David Bowie

​​It reminds me of another cheap ploy ​above ​to gather attention and presumably funding somehow.​  ​I have never heard a good reason for why scientists ​repeat this annoying habit but I am less amused daily.

Kudos though to Andree Wallin’s scary Cthulhu imagery.

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