A protein counteracts key rattlesnake venom toxins.

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Researchers identify protein that counteracts key rattlesnake venom toxins

Venomous snakes cause an estimated 120,000 deaths and 400,000 disabling injuries worldwide each year, with approximately 8,000 snake bite cases in the United States alone.

an investigation into the genome of the western diamondback  (Crotalus atrox), a species with more  toxins encoded in its genome than any other known rattlesnake.

Unexpectedly, only a single member of the protein family had most of the venom-counteracting activity—FETUA-3—binding nearly all the toxins in the western diamondback’s venom. It also bound to and inhibited the toxins of venoms from several other rattlesnakes.

I didn’t know that. Little wonder Steve said in Querencia, I think, that the western diamondback rattlesnake was the only snake that scared him.

*Ok, I admit it. This venom post was mostly an excuse to post the cartoon. I had saved the cartoon a month ago and lost it. I went looking for it with a far side snake cartoons search on google. I got 38 million hits! Wow, I was not expecting that. I had to scroll through tons of posts on the FB site to find it again.

I love his joy on his big score. Nothing beats an unexpected big day. LOL

and then there are these twits.

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