Is It Ethical to Hunt Captive Lions?

Kagiso Moeg and Sello Sebethlela throw meat into the lion enclosure at Jenobli Safaris, in North West province. The lions are fed chicken, beef and game meat left over from trophy hunts. Gulshan Khan

Is It Ethical to Hunt Captive Lions?

Raising minimum age of trophy hunted lions could increase hunting sustainability

In a 100 years it has come to this. The next 100 years do not look good.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania.

National Wildlife’s 2021 Photo Contest Honorable Mentions

2 thoughts on “Is It Ethical to Hunt Captive Lions?”

  1. Frankly I think its horrible to even want to “hunt” a lion like this. I my opinion this is harvesting not hunting. On the other hand this is a way to preserve lion genetics, stimulate the local economy, and keep land from being developed. I feel the same way about the bulls in Spanish Bull Fighting, there’s nothing romantic about it. On the other hand all the bull is eaten, they are preserving the genetics of majestic animals and using land to raise bulls and not put in one crop olive orchards that spreading disease to the rest of the olives. Casting stones and all that.


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