“And if California slides into the ocean…”

.. it may be better for the rest of us!

A debate in the LA Times begins by framing the issues thus: “There’s wide agreement that most dogs should be spayed and neutered.” Really?

But worse is to come. “I am a volunteer humane advocate going against you, Bill, a paid lobbyist and profiteering dog breeder allied with a PR firm that unsuccessfully defended Big Tobacco and fought against a living wage law. Birds of a feather, readers!” [See Eric at Classical Values, also quoted earlier here, on the mindset of “activists”]


“Not once have I seen an e-mail response from a breeder, puppy mill or pet store saying that they will save these animals’ lives. It would mean one less family to which they could sell a puppy or kitten at a profit. These profiteers not only fail to help, they are now frantic to stop those of us who are demanding a change.
Who do you trust? Those who sacrifice or those who profit?”

So now all breeders are blood- drenched profiteers, while only animal rightists love and do right by animals.

Oh wait, dog haters do too. Here is a columnist in the same paper who also supports mandatory spay neuter (he recently also caused a controversy by writing that he hated people in the military though admitting he had never met any):

“I used to believe that I hated dogs. But now I realize that I’m apathetic about dogs, as I am about any animal that is not delicious. Dogs to me are a lot like flounder.

“What I’ve come to realize is that what I really hate is you, the dog owner. Because you’re the one who honestly believes that your dog is sentient and that he loves you. Your ego is so grandiose that you can’t see that your dog is just using you. Yes, your dog loves you, but only in the way that Anna Nicole Smith loved old, rich men. Yet you honestly believe that your dog’s love is particularly meaningful because your dog is special — almost human, really. In fact, you think, he’s an almost-human that happens to be a lot like you. He is a lot like you if you happen to assess colleagues by smelling their butts and enjoy publicly eating your own vomit.”

As a dog owner and breeder who has taken a loss, not a profit, to breed rare and useful dogs that could not even be expensively exempt under the proposed law, I am nearly speechless.

Sorry, Mary, but there is no compromise with fanatical hidden agendas (no more domestic animals) or invincible ignorance and arrogance.

Molon Labe*.

HT Margory Cohen & Reid.

*”Come and take them”– what the Spartans said to the Persians when ordered to surrender their weapons.


England is having a bad week. First, from The Daily Mail (HT Maggie’s Farm): omnipresent video cameras:

“Britain has more than 4 million closed-circuit security cameras, more than any other Western democracy.

“Police say the average Briton is on as many as 300 cameras every day, usually unaware.

“The density of surveillance is significantly higher than in any other Western democracy, says Jen Corlew, spokeswoman for Liberty, a London-based human rights group.”


” “We appreciate that the cameras and some of the other measures are seen as invasive, but only people who really have something to worry about should be concerned,” David Morgan, a Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent, said on a tour of the bunker.

“As he spoke, a series of seemingly private moments unfolded – ranging from a young couple stepping into the shadows for a kiss to a driver sneaking into a restricted bus lane.”

Dr Hypercube has some interesting observations on life in an information- rich environment (please Read The Whole Thing):

“All this is fine as I wander around documenting what I want to document, writing what I feel like writing. But (there’s always a but), here comes Monty! Who is Monty, you ask? He is the cat in the window. A new feature of Google Maps provides street level zooms for select urban areas – the Google folks have vehicles driving around cities taking pictures. When the Google car came by, Monty was sitting in his normal perch. Later, when Google rolled out the new feature, Monty’s owner took a look at her neighborhood, saw her cat in her window, and got a little – understandably in my book – freaked.”

And then there is the matter of park bench height.

“Did you see that Park benches across the UK will have to be replaced at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds – because they are too low? Under new “health and safety” laws, benches must be more than 17.75 inches high so the elderly and disabled can get off them easily. The new rules came to light after Bramcote Crematorium in Nottinghamshire was told by officials from the local Broxtowe council to replace 40 memorial benches costing £400 each.

“An inspector found that the benches were 14.75in high – 3in lower than the “allowed minimum” height and 5in lower than the “optimum” height. The crematorium has also been ordered to pay a further £200,000 for lighting, because, under the same legislation, the new benches must be lit at night.”

And just maybe, a creeping vegan cabal (this one sounds like it comes from the Onion but….)

And of course, the lords and masters don’t want us drinking wine anymore (“We want to target older drinkers, those that are maybe drinking one or two bottles of wine at home each evening,” a Whitehall source said. “They do not realise the damage they are doing to their health and that they risk developing liver disease. We are not talking here about the traditional wino.”)

Or letting flyers put pinups on bombers.

I read the first volume of Manchester’s “Last Lion” bio of Churchill last week. When tasked with “living in the past” Churchill replied that he would rather live in the past than the future as the future “looked to be not much fun”. Hmmm…

On the other hand and as a small ray of hope, someone in PC Canada has revolted against their intrusive gun questions.

“My friend, noted Quebec academic and author Pierre Lemieux, submitted his firearms licence-renewal application directly to the Prime Minister’s office this week. “Mr. Prime Minister,” he wrote in a covering letter enclosing his Form 979, “I would like to suggest that you should enforce your own “laws” yourself. You will note that, as a proud descendant of the disobedient French Canadian coureurs de bois, I have not answered one of the form’s indiscreet and obscene questions. I answered that my love affairs are none of your business.” (Form 979 asks, among other things, about recently ended romantic relationships.)”

The writer goes on to say– in Canada!–:

“The problem is that gun control in any form practical in a free society — certainly in any form currently proposed or practised in Canada or the U.S., such as demanding details about Professor Lemieux’s love life — doesn’t keep guns away from criminals. It only keeps guns away from law-abiding citizens. Interfering with the rights of law-abiding citizens to own and carry arms does nothing to reduce violence in the street.

“Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens pose little danger to public safety. (Less danger, to be statistically precise, than unattended swimming pools.)”

The spirit of churchill may yet be alive in the Anglosphere, if not in the UK.

Update re pinups: “Officials admitted they had no record of any complaints from the 5,400 women in the RAF.”


It already has draconian gun- buying rules, a ban on calibers of over .50 (not one example of which has ever been used in a crime); bans on guns that look “bad”. It wants regulation mandating non- existent technology to mark bullets on (“evil” semiauto only, because only they can kill I guess) handguns.

It is so insanely expensive that half of the nouveau idiots that dominate our local subdivisions are people my age who have moved here to live forever on the proceeds of selling a single house there.

This year, it intends to ban incandescent light bulbs and neuter all your dogs. Last year, it narrowly missed banning hunting with dogs. Its Game Department has publicly said that raptors are “theirs” and that they resent falconers having access to them.

Educated “Anglo” residents are fleeing for the first time, even as it fills up with Mexican and Central American peasants who want to vote without benefit of citizenship, as a right.

And now Reid tells me that Southern Cal wants to ban fireplaces and burning wood.

“Carney said there are “pretty obvious adverse impacts of wood smoke on pollution. If you stand close to a wood fire and breathe, you can feel it in your throat and in your lungs.”

“Carney said that while she would listen to comments from the public and the building industry, attractive alternatives to wood fireplaces are available.

“Let me tell you, the natural gas logs are wonderful,” she said.

[Nice sense of the environment there, lady–SB]

“Carney also said she would consider even tougher measures to clean up fireplace pollution, such as a complete regional wintertime ban on wood fires.”

Why does anyone stay there?!

Of course, escaping Californians, who at least here seem to want to immediately burden us with the nannying they escaped, may yet drive me to Eastern Montana, North Dakota, or Minnesota– game and dwindling populations. Or, conversely south to Honduras– anarchy in a good climate for old bones, and cheap (no, I wouldn’t tell my new neighbors how to live).

And no, Reid isn’t an escaping Californian– he is a Southern expat gentleman …

Around The Web

This has to be the most… original… variation on the fish/ Darwin/ whatever sticker I have seen yet. HT Doc Hypercube for the site.

I’m sorry, but I can’t warm to control freaks, especially ones that are known to freak out about people owning animals (ferrets in one case I know). This is Rudy in his own words:

“What we don’t see is that freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.”

The thought of having to choose a president from three nannyish New Yorkers, Rudy, Hilary, and (worst of all) Bloomberg, does not fill me with joy….

Garden and Gun: BEST new name for a magazine. Sign me up!

This paper on sexual dimorphism in anole lizards confirms a lot of what we have been thinking about the differences between male and female raptors.

“The superciliati are sniffing away disgustedly at extracts from a list of 170 books that 11- to 14-year-old boys might actually enjoy”, says Ruth Edwards in her essay in the Telegraph. Lots of good comment on the pleasures of reading and writing “genre”, too.

Good Alcohol and Unconventional Greens

But there is still a lot of spirit, in every sense, out there to combat those who would control our every move. Brit blogger Raedwald muses on anti- drinking activists who would not allow us to teach our children to drink sanely (Peculiar? Odious? Would that not have jailed Libby and I for many joyous evenings in your youth?):

“… The French would snort, the Spanish giggle and the Italians shrug. Even the Germans would blow a little Teutonic toot through pursed lips.

“And now another thought has flicked through my mind. If the meddling witch from Alcohol Concern who spoke on R4’s ‘Today’ earlier was mashed, fermented and distilled, aged in an oak cask with wormwood and scorpion tails, and bottled, what would the taste be? Bitter, no doubt. A hidden spiteful sting, perhaps not unpleasant if well diluted. A few drops then, in a Paris goblet, well swilled round to coat the glass, before half a gill of good Plymouth Gin is added. That would be perfect.”

Meanwhile, the inimitable Michael Blowhard has a a long post on contrarian “non- Gore” environmentalism, everything from free- market types to bioregionalists, anarchists, Slow Food, and even Ducks Unlimited. Read The Whole Thing plus links, please, for alternatives to top- down Statist command and control.

A quote:

“I’ve spent bunches of time exploring the eco-world, and I can testify that eco-people and eco-orgs come in all kinds of flavors. There are people who really like ducks and trees lots better than humans, for instance. (I feel that way myself sometimes.) There are one-issue people — people who are doing what they can to protect manatees, or coral, or local forests. (God bless ’em.) There are far-out radicals who want the midwest to be declared a grass-and-buffalo preserve, and who argue that we need to create nature-corridors to reconnect the “natural” parts of the country. (They make remarkably convincing arguments for this, IMHO. Plus I often simply like the bioregional eco-anarchy people a whole lot.) And there are people like Bjorn Lomborg, who’s eco but realistic. (I think he’s great too, if not the final word on anything.)”

Penn Gun Proposal

This seems to be a big week for nanny- state regs. From Hunting Life:

“This misguided proposal would require every gun in Pennsylvania to be registered with the state, and each firearm would have to be re-registered annually. The registration would cost law-abiding gun owners $10 per gun each year. Of course, criminals won’t pay anything BECAUSE CRIMINALS DON’T REGISTER GUNS! In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Haynes v. U.S. (309 U.S. 85 (1968)) that since felons are prohibited from owning firearms, compelling them to register them would violate their 5th Amendment rights against self-incrimination. However, if a law-abiding gun owner fails to register it, he or she will be jailed and lose his or her rights FOREVER. The measure would require each gun owner annually submit to fingerprinting, have a background check, and to include passport-style photos for the registration cards. The registration card for each gun would then have to be carried with that gun at all times. To make matters worse, if the state should reject your application for any reason, YOUR GUNS WILL BE CONFISCATED!”

We all know how well such things are working in DC and England…