Bek Nazar Dor

Ataika’s father Dor, a great dog belonging to our friend Andrey Kovalenko, died in his native Almaty, Kazakhstan, last week. He was sixteen.

He had a good long life, and his genes live on in New Mexico, Kazakhstan, and even Scotland. But condolences to Andrey for his loss of such an old friend.

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  1. Hi Steve,

    I looked at Elsa's pedigree and it shows that Bek Nazar Dor is her great grand-sire on her dam's (Adel) side. Her grand-dam is Arys II. You mentioned to me once that your Ataika is or may be an older sister to Vladimir's Adel. Thank you for sharing these photos of Dor. It is touching to see Elsa's great grandfather….she resembles him. Fondly, Janet

  2. Sisters. Sometime I have to post one of Taik with her mom.

    Taika has a son in Utah (by Kyran) who is veritable CLONE of Dor. I have one adult pic taken in front of my house on a visit but he was being shy and it is not great.

  3. Then they must share the same mother, Arys II. I would love to see your photo of Taika with her mother, who would also be Adel's mother. I'd love to see the one of Taika's son as well, or any other photos you may have of the family. I enjoy seeing family photos 😉


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