Around the House– an Occasional series

I thought I’d post a few photos I keep up in my library, which relate to Q – type subjects- click to “embiggen” as they say in Bloglandia…

First, on the bookcase, a few mentors living and dead: Anderson Bakewell, SJ, at the Magdalena shooting range about 1987 (Tom McIntyre’s title: “It’s been HOW long since your last confession?”); Floyd Mansell with muzzleloader shooting doves with son Phil & me; Dr John Burchard with the late Badari; Sirdar M. Osman in Dehra Dun– a mentor from afar but a real one.

Some goshawks from all over– Japan, Siberia, China, Japan again, Khyber pass photo by Catherine Lassez, with me in Montana.

(If you click to enlarge you may also be amused at the unrelated clips below…)

And a few more– Joe Bodio with black duck & 40 years later with Bets & spaniels; me and Floyd by Tom Huggler ca 1985; Jonathan Kingdon as a youth in then- Tanganyika with augur buzzard, and inset nearer present; Lib out front.

6 thoughts on “Around the House– an Occasional series”

  1. Although it's slightly voyeuristic, I find it incredibly interesting to look over other people's bookshelves.

    I had a thought once that if you could either go back in time or reconstruct them from old photographs, that it'd be a great book to just show the personal book cases of famous people, luminaries, world leaders, and even notable miscreants.

  2. I do too, Chris, as does Dr Hypercube–who also posts bookshelves (if looking is voyeuristic, are bloggers exhibitionistic?) I also gravitate shamelessly to other reader's bookshelves.

    Two small shelves only give a bare hint though. Ever see my post with (just) that whole wall?

  3. Steve, I split my time between Ekalaka and Glendive, doing seasonal work for Montana FWP.The country and people are the best. Fishing and hunting aren't bad either…you have a standing invitation to bird hunt anytime your in the area. Best to you and yours, Tom Condon.


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