More relatives; Daniela’s boys in part, Shunkar, showing the permanent damage the rattler did; thank God he did not lose an eye. Then, Monnie’s new pups, from John B and Vladimir; sweet Kyra, Tigger’s daughter, with her GSD protector Eden, and (the little red)  feisty Aeris, Taika’s neice and already a tiny tyrant who knows she was born to rule the world.

Kyra is already pointing pheasants 
 Really– I hunt with Ataika as a bird dog, though nobody believes it!

2 thoughts on “Doggage”

  1. Always nice to see the various doggages. One of our IGs was snake bit about a month or so ago, he's got a nifty scar at the inner corner of his right eye that runs down to his mouth now.

    Since we've had some decent rain this year our rodent population is rebounding and we're seeing more snakes than the last couple of years. I haven't seen any cottontails or jackrabbits around the house at all for over a year now, hopefully we'll see more of those as well.

  2. Just some interesting info I ran across since I use one of my Jagds for blood trailing for folks in deer season.
    Makes me rethink meal time for the Hounds too!
    You don't have to post just passing to you.

    Veterinarian Joseph Wakshlag, chief of nutrition at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, and his team found that decreasing protein intake to 18% and increasing fat intake improved dogs' sniffing abilities. Less protein results in a faster return to normal body temperature after activity, which translates to better olfactory ability, according to Dr. Wakshlag. The study used a new research technique, completely evacuating residual fumes from testing areas, that contributed to higher detection accuracy, suggesting dogs' detection abilities are better than previously thought.


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