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My post is up at UNM Health Sciences Center Blog. Excerpt:

“It is part of the proper definition of Parkinson’s Disease that
Parkinson’s is a “progressive” neurological disease. As I am a writer
and work with words every day, I know exactly what the sentence means
and why it is phrased that way; it describes the progress of the disease. It is not meant to offend.

“And I still hate the phrase. Parkinson’s is the enemy of progress.
Every day, you lie in bed after waking, wondering if you will have a
good day, a bad day, or be worse; you don’t expect better.”

Read The Whole Thing.

Dr. Sarah Pirio Richardson with Steve Bodio during one of his exams at UNM’s Clinical Neurosciences Center.

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  1. And, I would like to add (though I generally frown on people who have to make additions), in this, as in so many things, you are an example to me.


  2. My mother was dignosed with this disease She shuffles when she walks and use one of those walkers with wheels. I think she might be to old for surgery. The sad thing is to see how much she had declined and how much her memory is now failing her.

  3. One of the strangest things about PD is that it is more likely to affect late- onset sufferers with mental symptoms than those of us like me, who develop symptoms in their fifties, or earlier like Michael Fox.

    The other things like cramps, shuffling, tremor, get us all in varying degrees. One can only fight and hope.

  4. It's surprisingly difficult to find that post: searching on "Bodio" takes one back to your blog. Searching on "Parkinson's" did the trick.

    Good note that I've send to a friend with PD.



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