Seen in Santa Fe

I photographed this out the window last week in Santa Fe. I am not a total 19th Century relic, nor does my nearly 64 years yet blind me to the new. But would someone explain to me how a giant inflatable Hamster (or rather “Hamsta”) in camo pants, giving gang signs,  can be seen as a likely way to sell Korean cars to any New Mexican of any culture?

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  1. It is maybe a standard multiculktural marketing Gaffe!- However, watch out, becauee KIA cars are well made, keenly priced, and reliable ( with long gaurantees).
    They have builr a great reputation and following in UK and Europe, from town cars to SUV's, and especially 4×4's.
    The larger ones are all powered by modern ,economical diesel engines,a trend that I predicted the US would follow in future years , 15 years ago!!


  2. John– Daniela drives a Kia "Jeep".

    Federico: I should have figured that– thanks (one of the show's non -trivial pleasures was its sharp eye on local lowlife).

    RF: despite my enjoyment of BB, above , I obviously must brush up on my pop culture.

    Chad: I like some things about our Subaru, but have gone back to the big one for me– arthritis and Parkinson's make it difficult to even get in and out of the little one.

  3. Hyundai/Kia was a client of mine on a major environmental project about 10 years ago. They were one of the most obnoxious difficult clients I have ever had to deal with.

    They didn't want to sign a contract, but just wanted to work under a "memorandum of understanding." They wouldn't sign a contract until we threatened to stop work and mess up their schedule.

    Then, they refused to pay us unless we stopped work or threatened to. This was for invoice amounts of $250,000 – 300,000. When the project was over, they refused to pay the final invoice until we placed a lien on their facility.

    They never complained about the quality or timeliness of our work, they just thought they could bully us into discounting our invoices. Either that or we were supposed to bribe someone. They treated all the contractors like that.

    When I complained to their lawyer about it, he said I wasn't being culturally sensitive. I said he might have a point if we were doing business in Korea, not the US.

    I will never own a Hyundai or Kia. When I rent cars, if the agency brings one out, I make them get me another car.

  4. I have to drive by this atrocity daily… what a shock to see it appear here. Stephen, if you can pm me back I would love to stop in & visit you & yours. My best friend. who turns 73 in Feb is in love with all things Mongolian, has had sighthounds & rides horses like the wind & can shoot a gopher in its hole, would love to meet you. And I would like to be there to watch & listen.


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