1 thought on “Hare vs Hound…”

  1. But why do I think that the stone carving is missing a chunk, and the photo is omitting some other player(s) stage left? That said, I DID once witness a rabbit(domestic) beat up a dog. It was involving specific circumstances not likely in the usual order of things. I had this incredibly gentle inoffensive Sheltie X Golden Retriever cross many, many years ago, that mothered and doted on all my other many pets–rabbits, chickens, pigeons, cats, etc. You could trust her completely with them–even totally unattended. I've NOT since experienced such an abnormally UNpredatory canine! One day, she was obsessively licking one of my bunnie's ears–a solid black rabbit by the name of Wilbur. Wilbur got tired of the attentions and kept trying to move away, to no avail. He finally lost patience and turned on the dog, pawing at her face, then when she retreated, chasing her and landing a solid thump on her side with one of his hind feet! She left him alone after that! Wilbur WAS a rather unique bunny in his interactions with the other animals. But maybe this isn't the time or place to discuss his love affair with one of my chickens……L.B.


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