Upcoming Trip

Connie and I are leaving later this week on a two-week trip to Tanzania. Our itinerary includes visits to Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Oldupai (used to be Olduvai) Gorge, and Serengeti National Park.  We hope to have lots of photographs and stories to share when we return.

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Trip”

  1. AWRIGHT! Good luck, and I for one will certainly look forward to any photo sharing you care to do when you return! I love reading about East Africa(and South, and West, and North Africa as well!), watching every documentary on such I can get my hands on, but by gosh, there ain't NUTHIN" like seeing it for yerself, I can tell you that from my(long, long ago) past experiences! I will quickly shut up right now, though, or I'll start rambling and wear my right index finger to a nub! You'll understand EXACTLY after you return!….L.B.


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