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  1. MY GAWD I cain't hardly wait!!!! The cover art alone is already worth the price, whatever it will be!(and this coming from a seriously cheapo peasant type!) Did I mention I can hardly wait? I can hardly wait……..L.B.

  2. Cong… Mr. Bodio
    Please write a book about wolves! current books are depicting Walt Disney images of wolves and with anti-hunting attitudes..
    You're if not the best at least one of the best that can create it..

  3. Hey, Anonymous(Monday, 20 July,2015)–I already done said that! And ABSALUKI–I agree with the other Anonymous(Tuesday, 14 July, 2015)–a WOLF book by Bodio! It WOULD be splendid, and likely UNIQUE–something rare in the polarized literature on wolves out there now! If, Steve, you do decide to do that(in all that spare time you have!), I'll send you some inspiration fer shore!…..L.B.

  4. Ha! I didn't even notice that "K"!….. Anybody seen the Kazakh eagle hunting episode on the National Geo channel "Survive The Tribe" yet? Gawd, I LOVE that show–hope they make more! They had a coupla shots of the Kazakh dogs, but mostly just Livestock Protector types(not that Cat and others wouldn't be very interested in them!). One very brief shot kinda looked like a really fuzzy Taigan in the background(solid black), but hard to tell. Didn't show any hunting with the dogs(dangit!) The eagles(the focus of the film, of course) were magnificent, of course, too, as were the horses and people!….L.B.

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