New Dutch

Dutch Salmon has a new collection of outdoor tales: Country Sports II: More Rabid Pursuits of a Redneck Environmentalist.  (Available from High Lonesome Books, PO Box 878, Silver City NM 88062).  I think it is his best and most varied yet. I don’t think I can “review” it any better than to use my introduction, which I volunteered- for free, for the record.

3 thoughts on “New Dutch”

  1. Very nice tribute to a real sportsman. I got lurchers in the early 80's and Dutch's sighthound book was an inspiration. Running dogs can be used in the East as well as any other spot, and Dutch helped prove it in the midwest. I once used a whippet with my dachshunds and Harris's Hawk and boy, did we have sport. Best to both of you!

  2. Awright! Another Dutch Salmon book! I have most of them–novels and "how-to" books, and I love them all! I think his coursing dogs book is probably one of the BEST all-around ones out there(although I'm looking VERY forward to YOURS coming out this year, Steve!). And for many years I enjoyed about my ONLY source of good outdoor-oriented books ordered from his "High Lonesome" book catalog! And even better, by sheer chance, I had some close dog-nut friends like myself get some sighthound pups from Dutch in New Mexico, brought them back to N. C.(I didn't myself because it is near impossible for me to travel anywhere that costs money, and will be more than one night away, with all my own animal responsibilities at home!), from which I bought a pup! My greyhound/staghound/saluki(etc.!) brindled longdog "Hawkeye" was one of the BEST dog personalities I've ever known, and QUITE the effective hunter–yes–even here in thick Eastern Woodlands! The ripples of Dutch Salmon's influence has spread far and wide far more than even he imagines, I'm sure!…..L.B.


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