Nikolai Samokish

Nikolai Samokish (1860-1944) Russian painter and illustrator of Ukrainian Cossack descent who specialised in military art and animal painting. He was a War Correspondent during WW1.

Never heard of him but maybe Steve has with his love of Russian sporting art and literature. Mostly a horse guy. The raptor was an afterthought.

He also did coursing scenes. Images from artnet and askart.


Alexey Mikhailovich hadde en stab på 300 fuglekikkere

I am not sure if it is the same artist. It does not look it but a nice clear image. It came from a Russian site.

As usual, open in a new tab to embiggen.

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  1. Hello mr bodio, I am a falconer from Spain, I would like to know if the book “The Hounds of Heaven: Living and Hunting with an Ancient Breed” can be found translated into Spanish.

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