​Bobby Harrison’s video of his 2020 Ivorybill sighting adds an important piece to the Ivorybill puzzle. What an honor and delight to have Bobby share it with us!
Added bonus: comments from experts ​​Tim Gallagher and Jim Tate.
Note: Zoom compresses recorded meetings. (All online meeting platforms work this way.) Therefore, Bobby’s video does not appear as clearly as it did in our live meeting.

​Bobby Harrison is back with another Ivorybill sighting. I was expecting a bigfoot video but I was more impressed than I expected. The video suggests plausibility. It is not a slam dunk but it is intriguing. Also, as they say the web video quality is much less than the original.

Tim Gallagher, a friend of Steve and author of The Grail Bird which is the tale of his and Bobby’s first sighting, makes an appearance.

I set the video to start at where they show the footage.

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