Yes, we have the new pup, and she is everything we wanted. Even ATAIKA likes her- perhaps she can smell familiar genes. (She is her great aunt). Of course she shreds everything, but she wouldn’t be a tazi if she didn’t…

Thanks to Lane Batot, and especially to Philip Bailey and Kerry Cooper, who kept her an extra month so Libby could heal; and to Stefan Wachs, fast becoming our official photographer, for the baby pics.

Don’t blame Stefan for my pallor on this one- I tweaked his to show the grain on the Coggswell.

8 thoughts on “Bobo”

  1. What a beaut! The only thing better than getting a new puppy is the puppy finally leaving puppyhood. Anything you don't want shredded needs to be put up on dressers or tables. They will find a way. But then you've known that and have seen and lived through Groundhog Day with many dogs. Gil

  2. Looks a great choice to me !

    Super Christmas addition to your Tribe!

    Great to see you both looking well, and Libby happy again !

    Compliments of the season to All


  3. I wuz beginnin' ta wonder when you were gonna post sumthin' 'bout yer new pup!!! Wow–she has GROWN! Looks A LOT like her dad Bouriy(Russian for "Beige"–also, according to Vladimir, the term used for a golden color phase brown bear….)–who, as I told you before on personal E-mail–coincidentally has the nickname "Boo-Boo"(a short term of endearment for Bouriy)! Well you know, everything's connected! If she runs half as hard, and has half the endurance and hunting enthusiasm of her dad, you got a good un there! Still in computer exile at the public library(and I'm rarely in town), since ALL BLOGS have been VERBOTTENIZED on the work computer–so until I break down and finally git my own computer(and join the 21st century, even though I skipped the 20th), my commentary will continue to be far and few between(which may be a blessing to some…..)….L.B.


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