Still Staggering…

A  reader below, in comments, worries about my current photo. It is a crop from this one of me with Shiri and hounds:

I replied:

“It is part of a cheerful photo of me with a dog– may publish. Health? I
am 65 with Parkinson’s and rheumatoid srthritis, as healthy with those
as I can be. I am in the process of getting an operation that should
diminish the Parkinson’s considerably, but I don’t have any illusions of
youth either…”

If the consensus is that it is too alarming, let me know– I have others!

I am hard at work but shall return.

8 thoughts on “Still Staggering…”

  1. You're a good looking guy Steve, but it sure doesn't hurt to add some beautiful hounds, and a good looking lady!

  2. I LIKE this photo best of any you've used so far–funny(and interesting….) how different different people perceive things! I commented earlier on how this photo reminded me of the only portrait of DANIEL BOONE made from life–but no one commented further on my comment, so I'll repeat it here! Look up that painting, and see if any of you might agree! And that is certainly meant(by me) as a compliment, as is anything comparing one to one of my favorite, real, historical heroes!…L.B.

  3. Steve, except for all that white hair, you look far younger than 65. However, it is better for hair to turn white than to turn loose. Gil

  4. I guess I shoulda added(for those NOT frontier partisans nerds!) that ANYTHING you google about Daniel Boone will bring up that portrait of him, so not hard to find! Of course I KNEW Jim Cornelius would know that…..L.B.


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