At Mark’s: Gratuitous weiner dogs plus

I took a lot of photos at my friend Mark’s “new” office in a historic building here– firearms, animal specimens, and gratuitous dogs. Rather than publish  them all in one monster post, I think I will parcel them out.

Mark is a fan of bird dogs and dachshunds. He has several dachsies, plus Kena who is both (half German shorthair)…

 Dogs can be as visual as cats. They are chasing a laser dot here…

 Where’d it go?

Play fair!

RIP: Hawker’s Dachs Diamond Lil, 1996- 2012

Lily the wire- haired dachs, aka “Diamond Lil, Born to Kill”, whelped at Teddy Moritz’s place in New Jersey and a long- time resident at Casa Q in New Mexico, died in Libby’s arms yesterday at the ripe old age of 16. She had various cancers and a mouth infection and was losing weight and the ability to walk, but was still cheerful and eating and seemingly free of pain when she simply stopped moving while Lib was grooming her. We should all be so lucky.

She began her career as a working flush and hole dog for our team, helped raise any number of hawks and pups, sat up like a marmot to beg from both birds and people, and kept us laughing. She will be missed.